The Magnetic Creative Mastermind

By Chloe Rowan aka sloast

A 12-week group program for the artist wanting to overcome fears around being seen online so you can build a business around your creative genius. 

You are...

An artist/creative that wants to create a business around your art but there is something holding you back.  

What If I could tell you that I know what is really holding you back from pursuing your dreams as an artist?

Fears around...
- Being seen online as an artist
- Potentially failing
- Being judged by friends and family who say that you should get a 'real job'
- The chance of being criticized by trolls online
- Not being accepted as an artist because you think your work isn't 'good enough'
- That no one would buy your work when there are so many amazing artists out there

And not seeing the value of your work, so you don't feel worthy of charging money for it. AKA being stuck in a starving artist mindset  

Well the good news is that all this shit is happening in your MIND. And the truth is that YOU are the only thing truly holding you back. 

What if you stopped letting all this mind drama win and put your dreams first?
So you can wake up and make art every day, not go to a job you don’t like, wasting your days away.

So you can feel confident putting yourself and your art out there, selling with ease, charging aligned prices, without the fear of judgment from friends, family and the artist community.

To create a life of freedom that nurtures your creative genius and self expression on a daily basis, inspiring others through your art, feeling a sense of purpose by being of service through your creativity.  

No one else can put this out there. It’s only you. It’s your vision for a reason, to bring it to life.

This is why I've created 'The Magnetic Creative Mastermind' to help you take your power back and create the life around your art that you've always dreamed of. 


Inside the Mastermind we will be uncovering...

How to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to create your desired reality of creating a business around your art.

Following my 'Triangulate your Creativity' method, you will be able to see where you are holding yourself back, how you can change these patterns, and start acting in alignment with what you want to create, in art and life.  

Who am I ?

My name is Chloe Rowan, aka Sloast, and I am an artist and mindset mentor for creatives helping you be seen for your true genius.

 I started my journey of sharing my art online back in 2015 under the pseudonym Sloast, making mostly street art. As a street artist, I remained mostly anonymous for a few years before allowing myself to become more and more seen for who I truly am.

Growing up super shy, I used anonymity as a street artist to cope with my fears of being seen that lingered from childhood. This is my journey too. 

The meaning of my street art tag '👁 see you' has evolved over the years to reflect this continual journey of being more and more seen.

Allowing myself to be seen for who I am as an artist, but also as an individual evolving through life, has allowed me to grow my business as an artist and connect with my audience on a deeper level each and every day, so I am able to sell my art and services in a way that offers me ease and confidence.