Ethereal Blossoms Series

The "Ethereal Blossoms" series captures nature's transformative power, each mandala telling a story of growth and interconnectedness. From the vibrant "Petal Prism" to the mystical "Celestial Wings," and the radiant "Sol Blossom," these designs invite you to explore nature's cyclical dance.

Celebrating growth and blooming, these mandalas inspire reflection on life's beauty and transformations. Whether sipping from these enchanting mugs or adorning your physical being, they remind us of the potential for growth and new possibilities.

eye see you

Discover the essence of insight, connection, and empowerment with Sloast's iconic "Eye See You" collection. Embark on a journey of perception and awareness through intricately embroidered designs that transcend fashion to embody wisdom, love, and unity. Explore now.



Chloe Rowan aka sloast is a multi-dimensional being who makes visual and street art and is based in both Montreal and Toronto, Canada.

Chloe’s most recognizable emblem, ‘[eye] see you’, has taken on many meanings over the years but now stands as an affirmation to the viewer that they are seen for who they are - like a ‘Big Mother’, as opposed to a ‘Big Brother’. 

Chloe is also a creative guide, helping creatives connect with their inner child artist in order to unlock their creator potential in art and life!